©2012 Site by Rajabi & Associates |  LinkedIn  Made with Xara We are the only company with the expertise to complete projects from the prototype engineering phase to the final construction and  installation phase.  This way we are assured that design and engineering intents will be implemented based on the initial design. Our  approach and due diligence will guarantee the maximum impact.  We monitor and study all the processes to determine the peak workload capacities of production staff and equipment. We measure the  workload distribution of the kitchen layouts. Thus, we can design work stations with the best equipment adjacencies to achieve the  maximum throughput based on targeted sales levels.  This will enable us to minimize the labor and overstaffing. Armed with valuable  data, we also account for work station scaling and staff slide deployment at all volume levels.    As part of our design basis, we go through the rigorous process of identifying the best equipment adjacencies for maximum throughput.  Expertise: About Us