©2012 Site by Rajabi & Associates |  LinkedIn  Made with Xara Services Project List Contact   With over 25 years of  experience in all aspects of food service we focus on the   productivity of foodservice segments every step of the way.  Our practice is  focused on optimizing equipment packages in the most efficient layout to  deliver  optimum operational efficiencies.  Our due diligence in the process translates to  long term operational success for our clients.  We assist in increasing your  profitability through the use of operational engineering fundamentals and   techniques specific to food service operations. At Restaurant Engineering Solutions, Principal Engineer Ben Rajabi brings over  25 years of experience in food service industry ranging from Casual, QSR, and  Airline Catering Facility Design. Our broad experience, with over 100 concepts,  provides detailed insights to drive profitability and enable sales growth. Welcome Rajabi & Associates - Restaurant Engineering Solutions